Ashok Chakra’s tallest replica to be unveiled on January 5 in Haryana village

Rajya Sabha member Subhash Chandra and local BJP MP Shyam Singh Rana will unveil the Chakra.

Last Updated: Thursday, January 3rd, 2019 - 12:25 ---- News Source - Hindustan Times

The country’s tallest replica of Ashoka Chakra with the diameter of 30 feet is ready for unveiling in Yamunanagar’s Topra Kalan village on January 5. Rajya Sabha member Subhash Chandra and local BJP MP Shyam Singh Rana will unveil the Chakra.

The replica, made with 90 quintal metal, will be the part of Ashokan Edicts Park, which will be set up by the Haryana Tourism Department in association with the NGO Buddhist Forum.

The NGO spokesperson said the village panchayat has provided 27 acre agriculture land to Haryana Tourism Department to develop it as a heritage centre.When asked why the centre was being set up in that village, the spokesperson claimed that Emperor Ashoka had constructed a pillar about 2,300 years ago in this village but Feroz Shah Tughlaq took that pillar to Delhi in the 14th century and since then the pillar is standing in Kotla, New Delhi.

Village sarpanch Munish Kumar said, “The Buddhist Forum has provided us the Chakra and we have provided 27 acre land to Haryana Tourism Department for setting up the Ashokan Edicts Park with the help of NGO and village panchayat. Government has already approved Rs 2 crore.”

“The motive behind Ashokan Edicts Park is to make the coming generations aware about Samrat Ashoka,” said founding member of the Buddhist Forum Siddhart Gauri.He said the total cost of the project would be around Rs 100 crore while the construction of Chakra will cost around Rs 40 lakh.

Surjeet Singh, who works for the NGO and is monitoring the construction work, said employees of a private Kamal Engineering Company have given their services free of cost for the design and fabrication work of the Chakra.

News Source - Hindustan Times

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