Zee Hindustan will be Bharat’s first no-anchor news channel

Subhash Chandra announces the revamped Zee Hindustan in a new and united avatar, talks about the vision of a diverse yet united Bharat that is capable of being a world leader.

Last Updated: Thursday, December 13th, 2018 - 17:18

In a video message, Shri Subhash Chandra has announced the new format of Zee Hindustan news channel. After greeting the nation in several different languages spoken by its diverse citizens, he explains the thought behind the new avatar of Zee Hindustan.

He said, “While there are 13 news channels by ZEE in every part of India and in different languages that bring news to you from across the nation, we thought ‘why isn’t there one single channel that beings to you news consolidated from every part of the nation?’”
Highlighting the underlying idea behind this new initiative he added, “And that’s why we are starting this new journey with Zee Hindustan, staying true to its tag line of ‘One Nation One News’.”
“It will be the first ever channel that will connect the north to the south and the east to the west.”
Another significant change that Zee Hindustan will introduce is, showcasing anchorless news, which will be direct from the camera to the eyes of its viewers. Subhash Ji said, “Whenever we think of switching on news on our mobiles or televisions we often visualise it with an anchor, right since news channels began in our country, from Dr. Prannoy Roy to Vinod Dua, Rajat Sharma and Sudhir Chaudhary. Each individual has their own thought process, and however hard we try it is inevitable that the anchor’s thoughts reflect in the news he or she is presenting to you.  To keep the neutrality of news intact, and to enhance it, we’re presenting to you the country’s first no-anchor news channel.”

Talking about how this will benefit the viewer he explains that whatever is happening in front of the camera will be telecast as is to the viewer, “the camera never lies, it doesn’t have bias” he aptly points out. “The nation’s first anchor-less news channel will reinforce your right to know unbiased news as it happens.”

Shedding light on another important observation, Subhash Ji said, “The news media or intelligentsia of the country do not view our nation as ‘Bharat’, they look at it as India. But we believe that India’s history is only 72 years old whereas the history of Bharat or Hindustan is over six thousand years old.”

Giving this the place of significance it deserves, both culturally and historically, he stated, “On Zee Hindustan, we will not only talk about the nation’s politics but also its culture, about its glorious past that have unfortunately been side-lined in our history books. Our golden history will be presented to you so that our coming generations are proud of our rich heritage.”
“We will revisit the pages of history to release its fragrance for the new generation, and it will become a bridge joining our rich heritage, culture, history, knowledge and science. With this we will be able to see that the dream of making Bharat a world leader is truly achievable.” he elaborated.
Emphasizing the nation-wide appeal of the channel, he assured the viewers that the channel will cater to a diverse yet united Bharat.

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