'Youth will have key role in formation of next government'

Make sure every member of your family votes, Subhash Chandra appeals.

Last Updated: Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 - 18:52

Shri Subhash Chandra has said the votes of the youth of Bharat will play a major role in deciding who forms the next government after the ongoing 2019 Lok Sabha election.

Subhash ji cast his vote along with family members at a polling station in Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade on April 29, which was the fourth phase of polling in the Lok Sabha elections. After casting his vote, Subhash ji said, “I think the youth of our country… They know what they want. They are very clear. And, I think they must have voted based on that. And, I am sure this government, whosoever wins, will be kind of elected by the youth of this country.”

Subhash ji also tweeted a picture after voting, and appealed to voters to not only ensure that they cast their vote, but also take their entire family along to exercise their democratic right. He characterised voting as not just a right but also a duty.

He appealed to people to celebrate the festival of democracy with family members, in much the same way they would celebrate Deepavali or Holi.

Subhash ji had earlier termed the right to vote as a ‘precious gift’ from Bharat’s freedom fighter and martyrs. He had said voting would be an act of gratitude towards them. Subhash ji had made this appeal on April 11, the first day of polling in the ongoing election.

Subhash ji had specifically appealed to every voter to exercise their right to vote, specifically first-time voters.

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