You are the 'Brahma' in yourself: Subhashji at Ekal Global's The Future of India gala

Sharing the vision of Ekal Global, Subhashji talks about inequality in the world and ways to combat the problems that will continue to exist for the coming decades.

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 - 17:46

Ekal Global Future of India Gala was held in New York City on Saturday, November 4 at Cipriani.

Shri Subhash Chandra, Chairman of Ekal Global in his address called upon those present at the event to join him and his team to empower people and the world to build capacity and find solutions to problems facing the world.

He stated, “I am really amazed and pleasantly surprised to see this gala. Something that is unthinkable, unimaginable in the kind of culture we have lived in Ekal for the last twenty six- twenty seven years.” He thanked Shri Mohan Wanchoo and Shri Chirag Patel. “They have opened a new chapter in the history of the Ekal movement.”

Subhashji hands over the funds raised at the Ekal Global The Future of India Gala

“The culture at Ekal culture has been that whatever money is collected from all over the world it has to go for the purpose of the reason that money has been collected for. This is why Ekal is unique. I can put my hand on my heart and say that it is probably the only organization in the world that has less than 5% organizational expenses.”

Recalling his involvement, he said that in his family has for five generations has been donating 10% of the profit every year for a good cause. And this is something that many business families in India have been doing for time immemorable, while CSR is a new concept outside.

He elaborated on the cause and evil of inequality in the world. Subahshji also spoke about how very often he too feels unequal, despite being considered ‘privileged’ in some way and why the evil of inequality will always remain because everyone has simply accepted his fate whereas it is against the culture of India.

Explaining his statement, he recalled Swami Vivekananda’s teachings that has led this Indian culture, “You have everything, you have every power, you are the Brahma in yourself. Realize your power. We have only forgotten that.”

He added, “Instead of donating money to somebody to help somebody with it, make them empowered instead. Build the capacity of the people.” He also said that, that while Ekal began with Ekal Vidyalayas, the Ekal movement is now aiming to empower the villages of India and making them self-reliant, where every individual should feel self-sufficient. “No one should feel constrained that he cannot give his child the right education in the right school or not have nutritious food or live in an unhealthy environment. We must make him realize that he is capable of taking care of himself. Ekal is going to become their Saarthi so that they can help themselves.

Subhashji signs his autobiography ‘The Z Factor’ at Ekal Global’s The Future of India Gala

 And even though there is wealth creation in the world, several issues like lack of access to healthcare, primary education, gender inequality etc. will remain. He referenced the United Nations 8 issues that will continue for many years to come and said that the only way to combat these will by partnership for development. “I am here today to seek your partnership to join me and my Ekal team together and make a difference,” He said.

Ekal Global provides education to 1.4 million children with over 55,000 One Teacher Schools. Its initiatives will focus on and work on capacity building in rural India through education, health and women empowerment.

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