Women are stronger than men, says Shri Subhash Chandra at ZEE News Fair Play Awards

The future of other sports, apart from cricket, too is very bright in India, says Shri Subhash Chandra at ZEE News Fair Play Awards

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 - 19:13

At the ZEE News Fair Play Awards that honours women athletes, their achievements and outstanding contributions to the world of sports, was held in the national capital today.

Speaking on the dais, Shri Subhash Chandra said that it is a great pleasure that ZEE news is felicitating sportswomen and that he has always believed that women stronger than men. “Women are more powerful, more dedicated, have more stamina and endurance than men,” he said.

He added, “But for ages men have been telling women that they are weak or be careful while going out or instructing them to not go out alone etc. and that is why women too have begun believing it. Their mind has been conditioned. But they are not weak.”

Illustrating this he said, “It is similar to why an elephant does not break a weak chain and run away. Despite tremendous strength the elephant allows itself to be controlled. Why is this? When the elephant-trainer was asked he answered that it is because, right since the elephant was a calf it has been embedded in to its mind that when it is tied with this rope or chain it cannot run away. Its mind is conditioned so it does not try even as a huge and powerful elephant.”

Giving an example about the strength of women he recalled his childhood, “My mother used to walk 200 to 300 metres to get water. With two pots on her head, two by her sides and another one in her hand, she would bring water to the house. She would also make food for 20 to 30 people.”

In his post on social media he said that while the Fair Play awards instituted by Zee Media are smaller than the Arjuna Awards, he has confidence that India’s outstanding sportswomen will make it bigger over time.

Subhashji also said that sports are being strongly encouraged in the five villages he has adopted in Haryana and that girls are ahead there too. “We are also sending 20 girls from there to watch the next Olympics games,” he added.

Talking about how people’s interest in other sports apart from cricket is growing, he said that it is evident when #Sindhu was trending on social media ahead of cricket even as both matches were happening at the same time, that the future of other sports is bright in India.

Promising to continue promoting the contribution of women in world of sports, Subhash said, “As a media house, we assure to bring more sportswomen forward.”

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