National War Memorial will forever keep alive the memory of our valiant heroes

As the National War Memorial is inaugurated, Subhash Chandra remembers the fearless soldiers of our nation and the selfless sacrifices they have made so that we as citizens can be with our families.

Last Updated: Monday, March 4th, 2019 - 17:39

The National War Memorial was inaugurated on February 25 in Delhi’s India Gate circle.
Paying homage to the 29542 soldiers who have selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation, it is the first war memorial to be built in India after independence. Acknowledging this very sacrifice, Subhash Chandra paid tribute to the bravehearts and saluted their courage and dedication to the protection of the nation so that we as citizens can live our lives in peace. He tweeted:

Terming them as super-humans, Subhash Ji further appreciated the valour of these men who are so devoted to keeping the nation safe that they even lay down their lives for it and its people.

He saluted the spirit of selflessness terming the War Memorial akin to a holy place for remembering the martyrs of our independent nation, a place where the memory of these gallant soldiers is eternally kept alive. “It is unimaginable to give up everything for those who we do not know, whose names we do not know, but this very spirit is the summit of being Indian,” he added.

“This memorial will forever keep the memory alive of the valiant heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the motherland, for us. I bow down to the soldiers, who regard national duty above all and who worry more about our families above their own,” Subhash Ji added, saluting the mettle of our nation’s heroes.


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