Shri Subhash Chandra launches Maharashtra Kushti League

Subhashji launches ZEE Talkies' new initiative Maharashtra Kushti League in the presence of prominent political leader and guest of honour Shri Sharad Pawar.

Last Updated: Saturday, January 13th, 2018 - 07:13

On Swami Vivekanand ji’s birth anniversary, also marked as National Youth Day, Shri Subhash Chandra, and NCP leader and head of Maharashtra Kushtigir Parishad (Maharashtra Wrestling Federation) Shri Sharad Pawar inaugurated the Maharashtra Kushti League. The initiative by ZEE Talkies will give traditional sports of the state a boost and attract young talent from across the country.

Speaking at the occasion Subhashji stressed on the importance of giving India’s indigenous sports the spotlight that they have been shunned away from in the past. “Maharashtra is my karmabhoomi (work place) and Haryana is my janmabhoomi (birth place), and both the places have wrestling as its traditional sport… Cricket is big in India while our traditional sport have been sidelined. Every state has a regional and traditional sport. I want to bring back them back to the mainstream.”

He said that, children are wrestling nowadays, but not in the arena, but only with their fingers on the mobile. “The day the children play their traditional games outside the home, instead of the indoor game, I will admit that this is the beginning of our peak.”

He added that India has so far won 5 medals in wrestling in the Olympics, one by Shri Khashaba Jadhav of Maharashtra and the remaining four by Sushil Kumar, Yogeshwar Dutt and Sakshi Malik of Haryana. “Through the Maharashtra Kushti League, it will be our endeavor to stage such talents and talent in the country.”

“The Maharashtra Kushti League will prove its meaning when an Indian wrestler, standing at the highest podium, our national anthem being played, our tricolour waving at the highest point and India will get its first gold medal in wrestling in the Olympics.”

Sharad ji also shared Subhashji’s optimism and thanked him for starting this initiative. “Through this initiative the game of wrestling will not only be limited to the audience at the wrestling ring but will be watched and appreciated by the entire nation.”

Supporting Subhashji’s intention to promote the traditional sport of wrestling Sharad ji hailed the initiative on behalf of the Maharashtra Kushtigir Parishad and wished it great success. He said, “I believe that the league will bring new talent from every state and illuminate India’s name in the global competition.”


ZEE Talkies Maharashtra Wrestling League will take place from 9th to 18th March 2018.


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