Shri Subhash Chandra joins the Agrakumbh 2018 in Aurangabad

Subhashji touched upon key topics of the recent unrest in Maharashtra, the plight of the farmer community and how the Vaishya community is helping them and why it is important to unite the community to better serve the nation.

Last Updated: Monday, January 8th, 2018 - 12:27

Shri Subhash Chandra participated in Agrakumbh 2018, the 23rd regional convention organized by Maharashtra Rajya Agrawal Sammelan in Aurangabad on Sunday.

After seeking blessings from the saints present at the gathering, Subhashji gave his address to the community members who had come in large numbers for the event.

Acknowledging the plight of the farmers in Maharashtra, Subhashji hailed the announcement that the Agrawal Community has decided to adopt 51 farmer families and look after them. This will set a good example and hope that others too will follow suit. He strongly believes that it is in the DNA of the Vaishya community to assist others, especially those in dire need of help. “The community has always extended a hand of support during natural calamities and crises, whether it is human welfare, social welfare or animal welfare.”

On the subject of the historical and social significance of Agroha, Subhashji spoke about how over 14 years ago excavation was carried out but the findings were kept under wraps after the government changed, however now the Modi Government has released them. The findings reveal a vibrant and thriving past of Agroha as the native place of the strong Vaishya community, and now the excavation has resumed to examine this further.

He also said that in our scriptures there is mention of the varnas and that all four varnas were based on the concept of Karma (work) and not Janm (birth). ‘In Ramayana, Mahabharata or other puranas, did Bhagwan Shri Krishna ever state that only some castes can come to my ‘leela’ and some others cannot? Or did Bhagwan Shri Ram say that only people of a certain caste can come to me?’

Subhashji talked about the effort of uniting and bringing more than 317 sub-castes of the community together. ‘The British used the formula of divide and rule and this is continuing even 70 years after independence, we are making an effort to curb this.’

He mentioned that some have criticized the efforts to bring together the sub-castes of the Vaishya community and asked him if that makes him casteist too? “On the other hand, by resetting tradition and uniting the sub-castes I hope that the rest of the nation also follows suit so that we can unite as people and serve the nation.”

He referenced the recent unrest in Maharashtra where some arms of the media portrayed it as a fight between Hindus and Dalits. Subhashji condemned this saying, “Since when did Hindus and Dalits become separate from each other? They are the same!”

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Two-day state level 23rd Maharahstra State Agrawal Convention of ‘Agrakumbh-2018’ is was held on January 6 and 7 at Jagatguru Sant Tukaram Natyamandir.

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