Solution or change begins from individual alone: Subhash Chandra at YES! i am the CHANGE Awards

Shri Subhash Chandra hails the wonderful work being done by the Yes Foundation in his address at the YES! i am the CHANGE Awards 2018.

Last Updated: Thursday, September 20th, 2018 - 12:55

Shri Subhash Chandra attended the ‘YES! i am the CHANGE’ Awards 2018 by the Yes Foundation. Addressing the gathering he congratulated the winners and praised their films that shed light on social issues through audio-visual media.

Expressing his pleasure, he offered to give these films a platform to reach even more people, “I congratulate you for making such wonderful films. You are doing such a wonderful job. We would certainly like to air these films on ZEE Network.”

Talking about the kind of impact films create he stated that because of lack of literacy, many cannot read newspapers and in rural areas often several people gather around and listen to one person who reads out the newspaper to them. Films on the other hand can be understood by all because of its audio-visual nature and that’s why they also create a greater social impact.

Making an observation about how NGOs refrain from partnering with each other because both may be under the impression that the other will be given more credit, he said that what has to be remembered is, what is important here is the cause not the doer.

Speaking about starting a change at an individual level, he explained why he decided to drop his last name and henceforth be called only as ‘Subhash Chandra’. Following the motto that solution or change begins from individual alone, Subhash Ji set an example by not continuing with his last-name.

Subhash Ji also felicitated the winners of the YES! i am the CHANGE Awards 2018. YES! i am the CHANGE is a nationwide mindset transformation program to inculcate the spirit of responsible youth citizenship and drive positive social action through the impactful medium of films.

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