Rajya Sabha session least productive since 2000, Shri Subhash Chandra says every minute wasted hinders India's progress

Urging voters to ask their MPs about the time they contributed to the functioning of the house, Shri Subhash Chandra asks the nation who they think is responsible for not letting the house function.

Last Updated: Monday, April 9th, 2018 - 15:25

The Budget session of the parliament that ended today has been the least productive session in both houses since the year 2000 according to PRS Legislative Research, a legislative research body. Productivity of both the houses of parliament took a nose dive during the Part II of the Budget session due to daily disruptions and adjournments.

Shri Subhash Chandra has expressed his strong discontent about the functioning of the house. In his post he has stated that when he took oath he had thought that he will contribute towards public policy making however because of the disruptions and ruckus in the house no one is being allowed to contribute. Bolstering his point he stated that he has wasted more time in the last one year than he has in 50 years of his business career.

Subhash Ji in his post, also stated that the common Indian must ultimately bear the brunt as a result of a House that does not function as intended. Due to the disruptions caused by certain members of the parliament from the opposition, other members do not get the chance to bring to the fore important issues related to their respective states and constituencies. This results in those issues and matters to remain unsolved. “Is this the way the House runs (does not run)?” he tweeted.

Reminding that members of parliament are employees of the people of India and that every minute of the session is important as it affects the 1.2 billion people of the nation. Wasting that precious time should be considered as next to a crime. Making a comparison he said, a corporate would show the door to its employee if he or she was wasting resources.

Stating that every minute wasted is hindering the nation’s progress Subhash Ji has urged the voters to question their MPs and ask how much time they have contributed to the session and raised their voices. Some members hold the house for ransom as they do not feel accountable for the mandate given to them, he stated in his post.

Putting forth the question to the people of the nation, Subhash Ji asked who, the ruling party of the opposition, was responsible for not letting the house function.

Lok Sabha’s productivity was 134 percent in the brief Part I of the session and fell to four percent in Part II while Rajya Sabha’s productivity dropped from 96 percent to eight percent in Part II. For the complete session the productivity for the lower house and the upper house was 23 percent and 28 percent respectively.

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