Shri Subhash Chandra condemns the Fatwa against Nida Khan, calls it draconian, says Triple Talaq must go to ensure a better future for our Muslim sisters and daughters

Shri Subhash Chandra speaks out against the Fatwa issued against Triple Talaq crusader Nida Khan, urges all fellow Members of Parliament to uproot the practice of Triple Talaq from India.

Last Updated: Friday, July 20th, 2018 - 18:04

In a series of tweets, Shri Subhash Chandra has condemned the Fatwa issued by a local cleric against, Nida Khan, a crusader against the practice of Triple Talaq. The Fatwa has called for her to be removed from Islam along with a complete social boycott advising people not help her even in ill health. Subhash Ji has spoken up against it and raised concern on the matter, “This is the situation now and yet some people are lobbying for Sharia Court. What will happen then?”

“Intelligent Muslims from across the country must come together and oppose such unlawful things. Can we allow the subjection of such ideas on a woman in a civilized society?” questioned Subhash Ji.

Expressing concern about the possible marginalization of the Muslim community, he stated, “I am afraid that due to these reasons our Muslim community will be even more cut-off from the mainstream.”

Subhash Ji appealed to all fellow Members of Parliament to join hands to pass the Triple Talaq Bill and throw out anti-social practices like these from India, so that the future of our Muslim sisters and daughters can be better.

Referring to recent incidents he added that, “Yesterday, two unfortunate incidents happened, Agnivesh Ji was attacked, and the petitioner in cases against Triple Talaq was assaulted.”

The latter, Farah Faiz who is a lawyer in the Supreme Court and one of the main petitioners in the cases against Triple Talaq, was on a live debate about Triple Talaq on television. During the debate, there was spat between a co-panelist and her. While he has been arrested, the incident has drawn the ire of the entire nation.

Subhash Ji has condemned the assault and pointed out that, “The so-called intellectuals who came out to rightfully condemn the attack on Agnivesh Ji have been quiet about the assault on the petitioner!”

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