SACH Vijaya Girls Scholarship launched in Adampur, to go national soon

Subhash Chandra presents 100 girls with the educational scholarship through the ‘SACH Vijaya National Girls Scholarship Scheme’ by the Subhash Chandra foundation.

Last Updated: Monday, September 17th, 2018 - 14:29

Subhash Chandra presented scholarships to one hundred girls on September 14, in Adampur, Haryana which is one of the six villages adopted by him. The scholarships given by ‘SACH Vijaya National Girls Scholarship Scheme’ under the aegis of the Subhash Chandra Foundation aims to address the problem of high drop-out rate of girl students due to financial situations of their households and thus stunting their growth.

Speaking about it, Subhash ji said that the no girls should need to leave her education incomplete because of hard economic situations at home and that is why the Subhash Chandra Foundation has started the SACH Vijaya National Girls Scholarship Scheme today. “Everyone talks about women empowerment. But where to begin? What to do? This scholarship is the first step by the Subhash Chandra Foundation in that direction.” This program aims to provide education scholarships to meritorious girls from economically weaker backgrounds enabling empowerment among women in the community.

He expressed confidence that the girls will do well in life and reach places. Wishing them he said, “Today, you are receiving this scholarship, it is my hope that you achieve so much in life that in the future you will become givers of scholarships to the coming generations.”

He also said that the Subhash Chandra Foundation will soon make this scholarship scheme available nation-wide thus extending the its benefit to girls across the country.

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