Pride and respect for the nation comes from the mind not from an order: Shri Subhash Chandra

Subhashji puts forth his thoughts on the Supreme Court’s decision on if the national anthem should or should not be played before any public screenings.

Last Updated: Thursday, January 11th, 2018 - 15:49

The apex court of India modified its earlier order that made it mandatory for all cinema halls in the country to play the national anthem before the screening of any film. It has now said that playing the national anthem in cinema halls is not a must however if the theatre chose to play it then people will have to stand to show respect.

It changed its 2016 order after the government said that a 12-member inter-ministerial panel has been formed that will formulate guidelines for occasions on which the national anthem is to be played or sung in theatres. Until then the court was urged to restore the position it has before the November 30, 2016 order that mandated playing the national anthem.

Subhashji expressed his views on the matter. He pointed out that now while the inter-ministrial panel formed by the centre will make suggestions, the feeling of respect and love for the nation cannot be enforced it has to come from within.

He further added that: Cinema halls will decide if they want to do not want to play the national anthem before every screening. In the future it may happen that schools may decide if students should sing the national anthem during morning assembly or not. Perhaps it may also become optional for days like August 15 and January 26 in schools. Same may happen to flag hoisting functions at government offices.

Subhashji elaborated his point and added that: This means, it is better that those who think the national anthem is being imposed on them, do not sing it. Pride and respect cannot be enforced, it has to come from within. Now it is upon us if we want to sow the seeds of patriotism and national pride for the generations to come so it grows into a huge tree in the future.

He also illustrated this by referencing that even before every Subhash Chandra show they ensure that the national anthem is played. It does not matter if it is because it has been mandated by a court order or not, what matters is the devotion towards the nation and a way of expressing our love and respect for it.

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