Subhash ji supports Kailash ji’s call to Make India Safe for its children

Subhashji supports Nobel Peace Prize winner Shri Kailash Satyarthiji's unique on-foot rally 'Bharat Yatra' to raise awareness about child abuse in India.

Last Updated: Monday, October 9th, 2017 - 19:28

Subhash Chandra joined Nobel Laureate Shri Kailash Satyarthiji for ‘Bharat Yatra’ and supported cause of spreading awareness about child abuse across India. Subhashji spoke at Srinagar’s Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre on the sensitive subject.

During his address Subhashji stressed on the need to raise awareness throughout India. He stated, “This fight started against child abuse by Kailashji and his foundation, I got associated with it from the very beginning. We are partnering with it and I felt that this is an issue through out the country.”

He urged that the entire nation needs to be sensitised on the subject and that awareness about the same needs to be raised across India. He also said, “Even if something like this happens to a child within or outside his/her home, in most cases parents will try to hide the matter and do nothing about it. This mentality needs to change. The abuser needs to be shamed not the victim.”

He added, “The impact of these incidences is such that it stays permanently with the victim. And there are many far-reaching ill-effects of this type of trauma.” Hailing Kailashji’s efforts Subhashji wished him well and pledged his support to this important cause. “We at Zee are partners for the entire movement and will spread awareness where ever possible.”

The ‘Bharat Yatra’ aims to brings survivors of child sexual abuse, child labour and human trafficking victims together in an on-foot rally across India to call out the violence against children and bring the many issues related to it into the spotlight. Subhashji said he has and will support the movement in every way possible.

He also shared some photos of the ‘Bharat Yatra’ on his twitter handle,

In response to this, Kailashji replied by thanking Subhashji and placing confidence in the latter’s leadership in giving this initiative the exposure it needs.


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