Desh Ka Sach launched, gives India a platform and its people a bolder voice

Subhash Chandra foundation launches Desh Ka Sach, India's platform for petitioning in public interest empowering the common man with the opportunity to take up a cause, join a cause and make his voice heard.

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 - 21:52

Desh Ka Sach, India’s digital platform for petitioning in public interest was launched on GandhiJayanti. An initiative by the Subhash Chandra (Sach) Foundation, it empowers you to take the responsibility, take up a cause and join a cause.

Sharing the initiative on social media, Shri Subhash Chandra dedicated it to the nation and said that it will empower the people by giving a platform for their voices to be heard.

The platform offers each citizen the opportunity to bring forth issues and causes that matter, to them or by and large the nation.

By giving a missed call on 9920038000 or 9962730303, one can connect with the initiative on WhatsApp, or directly by clicking here. The steps to start a petition, gather support and taking it forward are easy to follow on Desh Ka Sach. You can visit the site and start or support a petition.


1. Create a petition
Fill in the details of an issue or a cause that matters to you in petition form and elaborate the cause along with photos where applicable, to support the description.

2. Gather signatures
Once reviewed, your petition will go live on You can share the page, spread the word, and get people to support it.

3. We take it forward
After crossing the milestone of a set target signatures, your petition will become eligible for moving to the next phase where Subhash Chandra will personally look into it and take it forward.
Let’s come together and start a new movement.

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