Desh Ka Sach, India’s platform for petitioning in public interest launches this Gandhi Jayanti

Subhash Chandra Foundation will take up the responsibility of the petition that becomes a campaign. To stay connected give a missed call on 9962730303.

Last Updated: Thursday, September 27th, 2018 - 13:20

India’s first digital platform for petitioning in public interest is set to launch on this Gandhi Jayanti. An initiative by the Subhash Chandra (Sach) is a step towards empowering the people of the nation to part take in the process of nation building.

Shri Subhash Chandra in a video message explains how each one of us can make a difference, either by bringing forth an issue that matters or joining a cause on “Desh humara hai to desh ki zimmedari bhi to humari hai  –  The country is ours and so are its responsibilities,” he says. 

The platform gives every citizen the opportunity to create any petition that is about an issue that matters to an individual or group or by and large is in public interest. After starting a petition, the next step is to gather signatures for it online.  “When you click to support a petition, your one click has the power to inspire thousands more,” Subhash Ji adds emphasizing the power that each citizen of the nation has.  And once it has garnered sufficient signatures, he will personally take up the cause and work towards finding a solution.

He invites people to use the platform, take responsibility, take up a cause and be a part of the solution. will be launched on Gandhi Jayanti, you can visit the site and start or support a petition and also get in touch by missed calling on 9962730303 and on WhatsApp on Petitions will also be taken up on a digital show hosted on a media platform, where the petitioner will get a chance to present his case and some experts will give their suggestions for a logical solution for the opportunity.

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