Bharat has to remain Bharat and not imitate anyone else or the West

During his address at ‘Arth – A Cultural Fest’ Subhash Chandra talks about the cultural significance of ‘Bharat’ and of Arth festival in the times to come.

Last Updated: Friday, February 8th, 2019 - 18:21

Subhash Chandra today inaugurated and spoke the national leg of the Arth Festival that is being held in Delhi. In his address he concurred with the thought that ‘Bharat has to remain Bharat and not imitate anyone or the West.’

He also expressed his pleasure to be at the festival and hailed the concept and idea of the festival which is creating a platform to learn and celebrate Indian culture across all its dimensions. “In times to come, Arth will become a symbol of celebration of Indian culture amongst the youth, nationally and internationally.  It will spread the ‘Vasudev Kutumbakam’ feeling among the global humanity,” he said praising the Smt. Shreyasi Goenka Ji, Arth team and wished them the very best for the coming years.


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