Agroha Dham - 35th Varshik Mela Invitation

Issued from: The office of Dr. SubhashChandra MP (RS)

Last Updated: Thursday, October 13th, 2016 - 15:38

In today’s day and age when most of us are getting more and more self centric and breaking the society into smaller and smaller parts, which is resulting in different kind of conflicts in the society like RESERVATION OF JOBS, REPRESENTATION IN ELECTED BODIES and so on.

This results in having thousands of Political and Social outfits.

Though we may differ with the ancient division of society based on their work/engagement/profession and so on. It is ironical that instead of professional division we are currently dividing it by birth. The four division of work was:

  1. Brahmin: Education, Culture, Guide the society on right path.
  2. Kshatriya: Protection, Ruling and Warriors
  3. Vaishyas: Trade, commerce & production, agriculture and animal protection.
  4. Shudras: All services (It is not only low jobs, all services in current times)

In today’s context, when studied closely, most of the OBC’s as well as many communities in Uppercast; find themselves wondering where they belong in the four Varnas.

On deep study it is seen that most of them fall in Vaishyas with few exceptions to go into scheduled casts from the OBC (other backward classes)

AS A FIRST, Agroha Vikas Trust (Agroha in Haryana) on NH 10 has been well accepted and established by ASI (archeological survey of India) that it was Vaishya communities had established a thriving commerce centre headed by Vaishya’s. Though Aggarwal community claims ownership, which was and is wrong, it was a larger community.

A list of 334 communities that form part of Vaishya community (enclosed for ready reference) will show that communities like Maheshwari, Jaiswal, oswal, halwai’s, Goldsmiths, kayastha, Mathurs, Sahu, Jains, Rastogi, Sethi mostly from North India and Shah, Gandhi, Mehta from Gujarat Lingayats, Venkatesh, shetty and many more from south form part of Vaishyas.

Communities currently in OBC category known as Prajapati (Kumhar) Khati (dealing in wood) loohar (dealing in steel) Teli (oil) and so on are also Vaishyas beyond any doubts.

On the occasion of Sharad Poornima every year since last 34 years a samagam is organized at Agroha. (It is believed/a faith that Mahalaxmi ji presented herself in front of Maharaja Agrasen).

This year is a special occasion, where many of OBC’s will be given surname “Vaishya” with all vaidik rituals, in presence of more than 1,00,000 Bhartiyas.

This initiative will go a long way in uniting the Indians under single banner to serve the Nation in a better way.

Shri Amit Shah ji, National President BJP will be the Chief Guest and Dr. Subhash Chandra will preside the function. Besides 29 MPs and 111 MLAs from various states and Political parties have been invited for being part of Vaishya community. The function is organized by AgrohaVikas Trust.

All are cordially invited to witness this historic occasion.

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