Shri Subhash Ji’s Message to the Nation

India has immense potential to rise up as a global super power. I strongly believe the youth of our nation will be the driving force to achieving this. I take immense pride in being an Indian first, and I envision our nation thriving, against all odds. As a citizen of the nation, it is my duty and responsibility to work towards eradicating the challenges faced by my fellow citizens, which restrict growth towards rising up and shining bright globally.

I have always advised the youth of our nation that their productivity and chances of achieving success substantially increase if honesty is the epicentre of their efforts. So with complete honesty and integrity, I take on the responsibility to prepare today’s youth for a better tomorrow. And I firmly believe that the time is now. It is time for the non-productive things like corruption and fraudulence to be wiped off completely from the nation. It is time to redefine the word politics for the nation. It is time to make public service the focal point of our attention. And for this to happen, we all must start NOW.

It pains me deeply to see the opportunities missed by young and potential citizens of our nation, purely due to lack of confidence and determination. It pains me to see that there are still such heavy numbers of innocent lives deprived of basic amenities. Young and potential minds across the nation, especially in the rural areas are not being optimally utilized to uplift our nation. There is a strong lack of confidence, determination and most above a burning desire to contribute towards your nation. It is critical for the nation to come together and fight against these hindrances. One needs to create awareness amongst the youth to discover and nurture their true potential. If you have a strong determination and belief in yourself first, and then in your dreams, there is nothing in this world that can stop you.

As a responsible citizen of the nation first, and then as a leader, I have taken responsibility to bring about this level of awareness and change amongst society, especially the youth. I firmly believe that my experience, expertise and knowledge gained, empowers me to deliver. Having established what I have to date, I am now giving substantial time towards the socio-economic well-being of society. But I surely cannot do this alone, and so I need your support and participation. With this message, I appeal to the youth of our nation to rise up and be aware of your rights and responsibilities. Technology, the digital mediums like this website or the social media platforms, enables us to exchange thoughts and ideas, in making this nation a global super power. Let us together move this nation forward. I believe “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means the entire world is one family. And therefore we must work towards the betterment of the nation together. Our family needs us. Our nation needs us.Let us begin by identifying problems across the nation, and by working towards finding solutions to eradicate them. You can connect with me on twitter @subhashchandra and let’s start this journey of a Better India!

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Subhash Ji and family have been consistently donating 10% of their family wealth based on their cultural norms. He started Subhash Chandra Foundation, which works towards capacity building with various initiatives like SABKA Development Association, Esselerator, and Sarthi. Through Ekal Abhiyan, with more than 69,000 schools, over 1.8 million children are being given quality education in the remostest areas of rural and tribal India.

He truly believes that what comes from the people must go back to them. The foundation invests in propagating human values and empowering people from all walks of life.


Having been elected to the upper house of the Indian Parliament in 2016, Subhash Ji is a formidable voice in the governance of India. In his addresses in the house, he continues to raise points inherent to sustainable and progressive development of the nation.


Through his TV show, Subhash Ji continues to encourage and motivate the youth of India, both overseas and within the nation. His practise of personally responding to hundreds of emails on daily basis is testimony to his dedication to being approachable while his tweets inspire thousands across the world.


Having successfully launched and led India’s premier media house, Subhash Ji understands that the media as a whole has often overlooked the truth. It tends to play to the tune of populist beliefs, pseudo secularist ideas and seldom represents what people really need.

With the right selection, Subhash Ji aims to become a bridge between change seekers and change agents and, to that effect, even start public broadcasting.


Subhash Ji is working towards uplifting and betterment of the people as a whole. He hopes to work towards uniting over 300 sub-communities that form the larger Vaishya community in order to help the needy by mobilizing funds from the rich to facilitate programs for employment, health, marriage, and education.

Argoha Dham is where Goddess Mahalaxmi, the Kuldevi gave blessings to Maharaja Agrasen.


Subhash Ji consistently devotes his time and energy to causes and initiatives that he is passionate about. These range from rural education to promoting a healthy body, mind & spirit, to nurturing and developing young talent in India, and social justice and freedom for the people of India.

Through the launch of ‘Sarthi’ initiative by him, a platform for connecting ‘change seekers’ to ‘change makers’ has been set in order to empower people and make positive changes in people’s lives through constructive intervention.


Subhash Ji is working on documenting India’s economic development pre and post-independence to highlight the good and the bad at the same time carve a way forward. Subhash Ji and his team are striving to find ways to mitigate economic evils such as black economy, corruption, illegal trade practices and avaricious businesses that plague the progress of any nation. He intends to become a powerful voice in the country’s economic development by getting involved with legislature, executive, judiciary, media & business groups, and commerce as well as creating an environment where entrepreneurialism is encouraged.


A self-made man Subhash Ji has developed several businesses that have not only been hugely successful but have also had a positive influence on society. Owing to his acumen and knowledge through building a successful empire, he is skilled and ready for what is needed next.

Subhash Ji is focusing on projects that are meaningful for society and pushing India to the top 10 brands from its current status at number 17. Work on improving India’s GDP will be at the core of his thinking.


Subhash Ji practices Vipassana mindfulness and meditation, which keeps him calm and collected and enhances his decision-making abilities.


Family is extremely important to Subhash Ji. But his family extends beyond blood. He intends to do everything in his capacity to help not only his own family, but his extended family, his hometown Hisar, his home state of Haryana, his motherland Bharat, and the world, as he rightly says, 'the world is my family' which is derived from the Vedic philosophy of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'. 

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