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Armed Forces Flag Day: Nation will always be indebted to you, says Subhash Chandra


We dedicate ‘ZEE Marathi Disha’ to the people of Maharashtra: Subhash Chandra

About Subhashji


Subhash Chandra

The name - Subhash Chandra, can be summarized in three simple words - Visionary, Media Moghul and Philanthropist.

A leader, who has proven his potential to nurture the nation, and elevate it globally. A leader, who has the power to fight against all odds, and solve the challenges the nation currently faces. A leader, who has immensely contributed to India’s liberalization story in the early 1990s, by gifting the nation, not just its first private satellite television channel, but an entire industry in itself, creating millions of jobs.

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Upcoming Events

Global Partnership Summit 2017

2017-Dec-11New Delhi, Bharat

Winter Session of Parliament

2017-Dec-15New Delhi, Bharat

Run for Ladli by Delhi Police & Ladli Foundation Trust

2017-Dec-17New Delhi, Bharat

State Conference of Agarwal Society Of Maharashtra

2018-Jan-07Mumbai, Bharat

The Subhash Chandra Show

The Subhash Chandra Show is a platform where Subhashji engages with youth from across India and interacts on different topics. By interacting with students and sharing anecdotes from his life he motivates the youth, inspires them, and encourages sharing of ideas. Through this show Subhashji also guides young enterpreneurs and aspiring business minds about how they can identify their talents, choose the right business area and take their idea to the next level, and set up and run a successful business.

Subhashji also highlights inspirational stories of people from varied backgrounds. Through the show, he introduces the audience to the stories of India’s unsung heroes, the change-makers of today, who have overcome hurdles in their lives through courage and determination.

Along with special guests from every walk of life, Subhashji touches upon different important aspects of life, of not only leading successful one but a fulfilling one, professionally and otherwise. The show is aired every Saturday on all channels of Zee Media.

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